Teams: building, managing, leading, performing


Years ago, after finishing my bachelor in computer science, while doing my specialization studies in teaching and, later on, while doing my masters in leadership and management, I had several subjects about psychology, management and leadership. Although I never excelled in human sciences, I always felt great interest in them and was a successful student at those subjects. The explicit concepts learned back then have since been fading away, leaving me with scattered implicit concepts, knowledge that I don’t really know where it came from any more, nor even if it has any validity.

Thus, I decided to refresh and update my knowledge, so I searched for some conference talks and articles about the subject, and decided to leave here my notes about what I’ve learned and re-learned, as well as a few opinions derived from my past team leading experiences.

Building and leading teams into performance is not an…

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A Clever Hotel Room ‘Loft’ Designed for Longer Stays



hotel room loft designed for longer stays zoku loft (2)

The 24m2 (258 sq ft) Zoku Loft is designed as a living/working hybrid for ‘global nomads’ who typically seek temporary residence for between five days and several months. The designers add:

“In a regular hotel room or studio apartment, the bed always dominates. At Zoku, a big kitchen table serves as focal point. Use it to work across time zones, host dinner parties or gently rest your head after making a deadline. You decide. Then feel free to change your mind. The same goes for swapping the art on your walls, after which you can enjoy the view from your comfy Muuto design furniture.”

hotel room loft designed for longer stays zoku loft (1)

The loft has space-saving features like a retractable staircase and hide-away storage areas. It also includes a king size bed, dishwasher and commonly used home/office supplies. The first Zoku lofts are set to open in August in the eastern Canal District of Amsterdam. You can find…

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Are You Easy to Follow? 10 Things Great Leaders Know and Do

Great article on #Leadership

Leading with Trust

Easy Way or Hard Way“He’s a pretty easy guy to follow.”

That was the response from a friend when we were recently talking about how much she enjoys her job. She’s worked with this person for several years, they have a great rapport, and she loves her work. She said the fact that her boss is easy to work with is a primary reason for her success and job satisfaction.

Her statement got me thinking about my own leadership. Am I easy to follow? I’d like to think so, but of course, the only real opinion that matters is that of my team members. Considering leadership in general, what makes a person easy to follow? I think the answers are pretty straight forward and common sense, but often not common practice because our own personality quirks and baggage get in the way.

As I’ve considered this question, the following 10 leadership practices have come clear…

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Procrastination and One Way To Complete Your Goals

How many times have you said…”Yes I’ll do that tomorrow”? Sounds familiar right???? Yes, I am, or rather was, one of those people. One task being put off until tomorrow doesn’t sound too bad but what happens when it becomes 5, 20, 100. Then that overwhelmed feeling starts and it feel like nothing can be accomplished.

Well, I have finally found something that is working for me!  The “do it now” approach. It takes a bit of prep but is well worth trying.  Block out some time on your calendar and start typing your to-do list. Break down every task or goal into a single action item – ie send an email, book a meeting. I use Evernote as I can add to, and mark off, my check-list as each task is completed. I also add a task and mark it complete every time I do something not on the list. “Why?” you may ask. It allows me to check how many goals or tasks I have completed, both planned and unplanned.

Next step – tackle that list one by one – whether you make a start first thing in the morning or the last half hour before you go home. Start booking that time in your calendar until you are in a routine of automatically completing a few tasks every day. Before long you will see that list disappear. And better still at the end of the week, month, year, etc. you will see yourself with a long list of goals or tasks completed.

I start a new list each month and carry forward any unfinished tasks. That way they don’t get forgotten and will give you a starting point for the new month.

So what are you waiting for? Start that list and see how fast you can make headway on your tasks and goals. And hey guess what, I have just written another blog and that’s another tick on my to-do list 🙂

All feedback as always is welcome 🙂


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Why Use Social Media?


In the last two years, I noticed more and more companies saying they need to use social media to communicate with consumers. But often they don’t know why or how to integrate it into their current marketing plan. This causes a big problem upfront, not understanding social media’s value or worth. The role itself I have seen as a silo function, part of the PR team, or even just being one of the tasks of an already overworked Marketing Manager.

Often, when an initiative starts out like this it is doomed to fail. The company and management need to see the value in using social and have a clear objective to ensure the program succeeds. Some of the common reasons for using social media are:

  • Generate leads
  • Build brand awareness
  • Establish and share the company culture
  • To create a buzz
  • Customer retention
  • Become a thought leader
  • Help ranking within search…

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The Real Reason Girls Don’t Like to Code


My friend shared this article with me on Linkedin yesterday and it resonated with me. I like how the author says we have to change our arguments when promoting STEM fields for girls, that the argument of “this is where the jobs are” though true, is not enough.:

We need to stop telling an entire gender they need to embrace STEM because it’s good for their brain or if they don’t, boys will get all the good, high-paying jobs. It’s not working, and I’m kind of glad, because it means girls aren’t buying the logic that they need to do something just because boys do. We need to play to girls’ strengths and invite them to participate in projects that create solutions for social issues or problems that they care about — and then offer accessible tech which empowers girls to stop thinking about doing STEM and just use the technology, developing skills along…

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