Can you be a leader through STEM?

Can you be a leader through STEM? (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) When you think about leadership you don’t automatically think of STEM, and yet the principles of both are quite similar.

To be a good leader there is a science to knowing and understanding your team. You must work with them, find the mutual chemistry, identify and acknowledgement the areas that need improvement. Interestingly, the word science comes from the Latin word scientia meaning knowledge.

When you have the science of the team worked out then the technology follows. Forming the right team is an art or tekhnē. Communication is critical so the logia or words you use in discussions with your team are important to make your vision clear. This will ensure you are all working towards a common goal, and equally that you can resolve any problems that arise. After all, if you don’t talk about issues then how can you find solutions?

As a leader you must devise or engineer a plan on how your group will work best as a team. The vision you have communicated will be the basis of the plan, but, like any well oiled machine or engineered parts, the team must work seamlessly to make this vision a reality. Sometimes members or parts will need to be switched to make a better fit but this will ultimately lead to your team working as one, ensuring success.

Finally we come to mathematics. A team is like a complex formula. You as the leader or mathematician sometimes have to add or subtract parts or members, but if your equations or team members are worked out properly then the result will lead to a winning solution. Simply put teamwork = success.

Having run through the above similarities it stands to reason that leading through STEM can bring success not only to you as a leader but also to your team through your mutual collaboration. So I ask you now, can you lead through STEM?

Elaine Beare

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