Alphabet Blog – the letters T and F

Today’s blog is brought to you by the letters T and F.

T is for Toastmasters, a subject near and dear to me. In May 2012 I was offered the opportunity to join Toastmasters, and it is a decision I have never regretted. A brief two and a half years later I am now the President of EMC Ireland Toastmasters Forum.The benefits that Toastmasters has brought to my life are numerous. I have developed confidence, both in myself and in the things I do. I have developed my leadership and communication skills. I can honestly say my career would not have progressed without the skills I learnt at Toastmasters.

F is for Fear, one of the strongest emotions a person can feel. Fear is certainly the emotion I was feeling when I stood up to give my Icebreaker speech in Toastmasters. With my heart pounding and my whole body shaking as if a million volts were blasting through me, I stood up and gave my first speech. And I have to say, the feeling when I sat down having completed my Icebreaker was like walking on water. The exhilaration was fantastic.

Do I still feel fear? Yes, definitely! But…I now know how to control it. And that ladies and gentlemen, is all thanks to Toastmasters. To my audience I now appear confident and knowledgeable as I stand in front of them speaking. And this is something anyone can learn. That is the great thing about Toastmasters. It is open to everyone. So why not check out where your local club is and go along for a visit. I promise you, if you sign up, and follow the Toastmasters learning path, you will never regret it. 🙂

Elaine Beare

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