Alphabet Blogging – The Letters M and E

I am always trying to think of fresh ideas for blogging and today I hit on the idea of alphabet blogging. As a child I loved Sesame Street and I still think it is one of the best educational shows I have seen. One great feature of the program was the letters and numbers….today’s show is brought to you by the letters…  So why not pick a letter and blog about something beginning with that letter? Here’s my first blog following this idea.

Today’s blog is brought to you by the letters M and E. M is for music. Now there’s a wide ranging topic! I have a passion for music. As I write this my foot is tapping and my head is nodding to the rhythm of Hugh Laurie’s album “Let Them Talk”. What a versatile man! But that’s a whole other blog so back to M for music. From my early childhood music has been an integral part of my life. My earliest memory of music is singing along to Country Roads as my father drove us, appropriately enough, down a local country road. I was raised on Johnny Cash and Neil Diamond and have been fortunate enough to see them both perform live in Ireland.

E is for earworm. What is that? I hear you ask. You know when you get a few lines of a tune stuck in your head and it just keeps playing back throughout the day? That’s an earworm! Burrowing into your subconscious and surfacing to irritate you when you least expect it. It could be a jingle from an ad, a children’s song or some song from the radio that you heard a few beats of, but that was enough to make it stick until the next earworm comes along.

Well that’s my alphabet blog for today, brought to you by the letters M and E. I hope you enjoyed my new approach.

Elaine Beare.

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