Best Inspirational Quotes From US Presid

Best Inspirational Quotes From US Presidents – Business Insider #Leadership #Quotes



  1. Hi Elaine,
    I’m from Carrigaline but I’m presently visiting my son and family in Prince Edward Island [PEI] in Canada. We met friends of theirs a few days ago – John and Linda Aspin. John is English but Linda is an Islander born and bred.
    She/John said that she/Linda has relatives named Beare living in/near Cork – they thought a large chicken farmer. While I’m from a farming background [near Belgooly] I couldn’t place the name so I looked up the name on google and quickly found your blog – I’m impressed.
    It does seem that if there is a connection you are it or very close to it. I’m putting John/Linda’s email here and you might wish to make contact and let us know if we are on the right track.

    John & Linda Aspin

    • Hi Denis,
      Yes, you have indeed found the correct Beares. I am delighted you have made contact with some of my distant relatives. They would be descendants of Jane Beare, my ggg-aunt. If my records are correct Linda is the daughter of Ralph and Beatrice Roberts. I met Beatrice and Laura in the early 90’s when they visited Ireland. I have been looking to make contact with living relatives in PEI so am so glad you contacted me. Please feel free to pass on my email address to John and Linda.
      Thank you again for contacting me.

      Warm regards,

    • Hi Denis,
      I also have a website that listed a lot more information. I still have more information to add to it but in the meantime you, Linda and John may find it of interest 🙂
      I couldn’t see an email address on your post hence the messages here.

      Warm regards,

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