My Grandfather – George Beare (1895-1969)

George Beare was born on 13 October 1895 in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland. He was the first of four children born to William Beare and Maria Smyth. The birth took place at home with the help of a local woman. Living on the edge of town meant George experienced both rural and urban experiences. His family owned some land and raised dairy cows that supplied milk to both the household and some members of the local community.

From an early age George was submersed in literature and learning. He attended a local school in Bandon, and also loved to read at home, a practice encouraged by his mother and grandmother who also loved literature. George spent his spare time and holidays working on the farm and doing various DIY jobs with his father. In those pre-automobile days, the family had a horse who was used both on the farm with a cart to draw goods including gravel and wood to build new sheds for the animals, and also with a trap to carry the family to Church every week.

George suffered from ‘petit-mal’ but never let the episodes shake him and passed them off as no great consequence. Indeed one episode proved to be beneficial. After falling from a roof during one of these episodes George was sent to the local cottage hospital. It was here he became acquainted with Miss Margaret Elliot, the matron. A friendship ensued and on 22 Mar 1933, they were married in Limekilns Church, Limekilns, Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland. The married couple then returned to Bandon to start their own family.  Margaret bore three sons, William in 1933, Robert in 1936 and George, my father, in 1938, all born in Bandon.

George spent his life farming until his death. He suffered a heart attack on the Friday, followed by a second on the Sunday which led to his death on 5 July 1969. He is buried in St. Peters Church Graveyard, Bandon. His wife Margaret lived on until 1985.

This was my grandfather, known as the “Boss”. The picture is of my mother Daphne on her wedding day, with my grandparents George and Margaret Beare (December 1967). 



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