Beare Family History

Hello and welcome to my blog. While I occasionally blog on a variety of topics I have a few interests near and dear to me that I would like to share. The first of these is genealogy, and more importantly, my personal family tree.

My parents, George and Daphne Beare, started the research into our family tree over 30 years ago. A wet day in Bandon had my father poking through an old suitcase filled with account books, letters and a few mementoes.  A generation was to follow that lived in the golden years of the letter writing, now over a hundred years ago. Families who were blessed with education some of whose members had departed the old sod could keep in touch constantly and so it was with my great-grand-uncles who kept the practice faithfully and many of the letters survived. Amongst that lot were a couple addressed to my great great-grandfather, and with the discovery of one envelope bearing the postmark PEI, the interest in the family tree began. The letter contained within read as follows: –

29th December 1892 My Dear Brother George, As I have not heard from you for so long a time, I was so uneasy I thought I would write again.  Hope that nothing is seriously the matter with you or any of the family. I have had a very bad cold I am not as well as usual now.  My daughter Louisa died in October after having suffered excruciating pain with a very severe attack of Gangrene.  This attacked her in the lower limbs and they were affected so badly that by her consent and the doctors the limbs were amputated.  There were four doctors present and she seemed to rally after coming out.  This was in the afternoon but suddenly about the middle of the night she took a turn and died immediately.  I took this very hard as it was my only daughter living, but such is this is God’s will. Your sister Jane As Jane was unable to write, her husband Josiah wrote the letter and added a PS. P.S.  If it is possible a speedy answer to this letter would let us know how you are and I thought it better to write as she is always speaking of you and Sarah (her sister). The initial act was to find out where PEI was and, after consulting an atlas (those, dear reader, were pre-internet times), it was discovered. PEI was Prince Edward Island, a small island off the east coast of Canada.  This established, who then was Josiah, and indeed Jane and Sarah? The examination of a brief family tree confirmed that my great-great-grandfather George Beare did indeed have two sisters named Jane and Sarah, and Jane, who had emigrated had married a Josiah Roberts.  Slowly the dots were joining together. But there was more to discover. George and Jane were only two of eight children, so where were the other six? Was it possible to find out   What had become of them? Thus began the quest that has lasted over thirty years! I hope you have enjoyed this first blog and I look forward to sharing more of the family history and how we progressed in our search.  You can also check out our family website on

Elaine Beare